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Minding My Own Businesses

As I mentioned in my bio, I am also an artist and love to paint as much as I love to write. It is always a struggle (right brain/right brain) when I have to decide which one I want to do since I enjoy both so much. I feel fortunate that my paintings have improved to the point where I can use my artwork to support another one of my passions (I am a fire sign with many passions) which is helping animals, both wild and domestic. My husband, who has his own business as an internet architect, has worked with me to create two very exciting websites featuring my artwork that we have reproduced on a variety of products.

tiger mini eye painting by artist dj geribo-01Eye Help Animals

I painted a series of wild animal eyes on small canvases and we reproduced the images on a variety of products. We give 25% of our profits to a variety of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations worldwide. We are also establishing a scholarship foundation to support students who are pursuing a career in wildlife conservation. Our website is:

chihuahua-017Help Shelter Pets

I painted over sixty breeds of dog and cat images that we print on cards. Available in packages of 5, we donate 10% to the shelter of your choice. The shelters enjoy the benefits of support from their community without having to purchase the cards themselves. We will also be featuring the images on a variety of other products that will be available for your purchase. Our website is:

thumb magnolia-sky-painting-by-artist-dj-geribo-detailDJ Geribo Fine Art

As a professional artist, I paint animals, nature, landscapes, and still lifes (mostly fruits and vegetables) in oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolors. The sizes range from 2"x2" to 30"x40". I accept commissions for wildlife and nature paintings, also. All of my artwork is available for purchase on my website:

animal-portrait-by-artist-donna-aldrich-fontaineAnimal Portraits

Since one of my favorite subjects to paint is animals, I also offer animal portraits for purchase. Most of the requests are for domestic animals, in particular dogs and cats, but I've also painted horses and birds and would consider many other pets. I also give 10% of my sales to our local animal shelter. Find more information at my website:

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Living amongst farmlands, my house is surrounded by soybeans this year. It gave me the perfect image of what I imagine the top of the trees to look like. I "enjoyed the ride," but feel like the journey has not ended. The writer left me with lots of unanswered questions; the perfect set up for a sequel!!

Kathy T, Michigan


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