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Deez Blog

Not only do I enjoy writing books and stories, but I also enjoy blogging. I'm thinking, as a writer, I'm not alone in this pleasure. The point is to write, whatever the final outcome may be!

1st Book Signing a Success!

author-dj-geribo-at-first-book-signingOn June 28, 2014, I had my first book signing at The Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, NH. I was thrilled when many of my friends showed up and bought my book. I was even more thrilled when people that I did not know bought my book. I hope everyone sends me feedback on the book after they have read it. I would love to know what people are saying about my first novel.


Website Is Complete!

Exciting news - the BBD Publishing website is up and running and ready for business. Although we are new, we are ambitious and plan to have at least two more books available in the next several months. Be patient, stay tuned, and read, my darlings, read!


Where am I signing books?  This page will tell you that.  If you'd like to have a personalized autograph in one of my books, you may bring it to any of my book signings.  Don't have a copy of the book, yet?  No problem, I'll always have plenty on hand at my signings.  I look forward to seeing you there! (And of course, you can order right here at my website, too!)

You can find all the latest BBD Publishing news right here!

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Loved it!  It was wonderful to see imaginations at work, and the value of strong family relations. It was fun to read, yet had some good  life lessons in it, too.  I hope the children find more adventures to share with us.

Cindy M., New Hampshire


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