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Deez Blog

Not only do I enjoy writing books and stories, but I also enjoy blogging. I'm thinking, as a writer, I'm not alone in this pleasure. The point is to write, whatever the final outcome may be!

Got Books? Local Author Event

On December 4, from 12-5pm, DJ Geribo will be participating in a book event at the Western Ave. Studios located in Lowell, MA. The event is expected to draw huge crowds to the creative space,mailer2crop with the artists who occupy the building opening their doors to the public, as well. DJ will have all four of her books available for purchase. Come to the event and prepare to do all of your Christmas shopping in one place!

DJ Geribo Book Signing at Always in Season

November 26, 2016 is Support Small Businesses day - on this special day people are invited to support their local businesses. Come to Always in Season for a special book signing event -

Where: Always in Season, Main St., Alton, NH

When: 11-2pm

What: Book signing and mini painting specials

At this special event, DJ Geribo will be donating 10% of the sales of her books to the charity, "End 68 Hours of Hunger".

Support your local businesses and support this special charity! And enjoy free hot chocolate and cookies!


Eddie Easel is in New York!

Our shipment of Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green books will be here at our home on August 17! Just one week away! Order your copy now!!!!

This book promises to be a big hit with the little up-and-coming artists in your life! A story they will treasure for years to come.

Contest Ended - Winners Announced!

DJGeribo Cindy and HollyDJ Geribo is shown handing a copy of her autographed book, The House at the Top of the Trees, to one of the winners, Cindy Miller. Holly Brown, librarian at the Gilman Library in Alton (in center) has been a big supporter of the contest.

The House at the Top of the Trees - Contest Extended

Due to personal issues as well as business issues, the contest for finding a house that could either be the house at the top of the trees that was the inspiration for the book or a house that looks like it is sitting at the top of the trees, has been extended.

The new date to find the house and send a photo to our website is December 11. The winners will be chosen at the Gilman Library in Alton, NH on December 13, from 11-12noon. Book signings will also take place at the library on that date for those who do not win a free copy of the book but want to have their own copy of "The House at the Top of the Trees".

You can see the book and find out more about the contest and also meet DJ Geribo and purchase your own autographed copy of the book on December 6 from 9am - 3pm at the Arts and Crafts Holiday Show being held at Alton Central School.

We are looking forward to receiving your photos for consideration to win a free autographed copy of "The House at the Top of the Trees"!

Photos should be submitted here:

ACS Presentation - Part 2

DJ Geribo Presentation at ACSLast week I spoke to the students in grades 5 and 7 at Alton Central School about my book, "The House at the Top of the Trees", the writing process, and also the publishing process.

Yesterday I spoke to the 8th grade classes and today I spoke with the boys and girls in the 6th grade. They all seemed very interested and had a lot of great questions. Sometimes we were lead in a different direction but it was wonderful to see so much interest in my presentation. One class in particular had so many questions that I finally had to stop them so that I could finish my presentation before we ran out of time.

This was a great learning experience for me and I hope to contact other local schools to share what I've learned through writing and publishing my first book.

2nd Book Coming Soon!

My second book will be coming out soon. The book, "Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green" will be a hard cover book for pre-schoolers to around 7 years old. I decided to print this book in hard cover and I am currently contacting printers for hard-cover book pricing.

Read more ...

Presentation at Alton Central School - The Writing Process

On October 6 from 8-11:30, October 7 from 8-12, October 14, 9-11:30 and October 15, 8-12, DJ Geribo (and Jim Fontaine on Oct 6 and Oct 14) will be presenting to the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Alton Central School, the Writing Process, from the first ideas when starting to write a book through the publication process and on to printing and marketing your book.

DJ will talk to the students about the process of writing her first novel, "The House at the Top of the Trees." Jim will explain the necessity of creating a website. The students will then ask questions and books will be available for a book signing.

This presentation coincides with the contest that DJ Geribo has publicized through the Gilman Library and through an article in the Baysider paper. The contest challenges each student to find a house that appears to be sitting at the top of the trees, which was DJ's inspiration for writing the book. Photos should be sent to BBD Publishing's email (contact) along with the location where the house was found. Three winners will receive an autographed copy of the book, "The House at the Top of the Trees", and will be announced at the Gilman Library on Nov. 22, 2014.

I'm in the Writer's Digest!

As a full-time writer (and artist), I use many sources to improve my skills on my path to becoming a better writer. One of my favorite resources is the Writer's Digest magazine, which I receive electronically.

Read more ...


Where am I signing books?  This page will tell you that.  If you'd like to have a personalized autograph in one of my books, you may bring it to any of my book signings.  Don't have a copy of the book, yet?  No problem, I'll always have plenty on hand at my signings.  I look forward to seeing you there! (And of course, you can order right here at my website, too!)

You can find all the latest BBD Publishing news right here!

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Living amongst farmlands, my house is surrounded by soybeans this year. It gave me the perfect image of what I imagine the top of the trees to look like. I "enjoyed the ride," but feel like the journey has not ended. The writer left me with lots of unanswered questions; the perfect set up for a sequel!!

Kathy T, Michigan


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