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About BBD Publishing

My name is DJ Geribo and I am the founder of BBD Publishing. I am pleased to present my website, BBD Publishing, which combines my creative efforts through my writing and my artwork together with those of my Internet Architect husband, Jim Fontaine, owner of PCS Web Design. This website will feature all of my writings, which consist of mostly children's and middle grade books,  plus short writings, non-fiction, and a variety of other works. I also recommend that you check out my other businesses to find out more about the other passions that inspire me.

I hope you enjoy my writing and should feel safe purchasing my work right here from my website either in paperback format or for download in ebook format (coming soon).

If you ever have any questions about any of my books that you purchase, I hope you will contact me by email at: [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Or, if you prefer, by snail mail.  

In case you are wondering how I decided on the name BBD Publishing, like most new beginnings, there's a story behind it. The simple answer is "Books By Donna", that's me, and that gives you BBD. The sillier answer is, BBD for BaByDoll. Who is Babydoll? She is the shining star in my life, my Kameko, bka (better known as) Meko, my chocolate Pomeranian, and our mascot. And like most dogs, she has a variety of names, one of which is Babydoll. I came up with that name when year after year, and now she is 12 years old, she would continue to suckle her toys, her Hedgehog "Grunty" in particular, like a puppy suckles her mommy. She never outgrew that habit. I've never had another dog who does this and because she is so darned cute, Babydoll just seemed like a logical nickname for her.

In case anyone is interested, the following is a list of names that we have called Meko over the years and that she has been known to respond to:
Meko, Babydoll, BabyD, BBD, D, Meko Muggins, Muggins, Monkey, Sweetgirl, Sweet D, Miss D, and Patty Fatty Feet. (Well, she doesn't really respond to that name but she does have fat little feet!) There may be a few others but they aren't used as frequently.

I encourage each of you to Read... Learn... Grow!

DJ Geribo

Readers' Comments

Here's what one Reader has to say...


Great book! Even though this book is written for the young teenager, I found that it kept my interest throughout, and I enjoyed it immensely! Am looking forward to the next book! (I bought this book to save for our grandson when he gets a little older but when I read it, I realized that I still enjoyed books which are written for younger readers.)

Fay L, New Hampshire


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