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Newest Books From DJ Geribo Now Available

DJ Geribo's newest books are now available for purchase directly from BBD Publishing!


eddie-easel-and-the-case-of-the-missing-green-by-dj-geribo-cover-image-thumbThe first book, Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green, is a children's picture book with a story that all children (ages 3+) are sure to love. The characters, such as Eddie Easel, Paula Paintbrush, and Carlos Canvas, come alive on the pages of the book. The story can be a child's first introduction to the world of fine art. All the characters of the book are sure to become favorites for every child who hears the story.
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the-miracle-dog-by-dj-geribo-cover-imageThe second book, The Miracle Dog, is a detailed account of the illness that DJ's chocolate Pomeranian, Kameko, suffered through for many months, recovering, finally after years of scheduled medications. To maintain her sanity during this trying time, DJ recorded her daily thoughts and kept written accounts of the instructions from the internist and all the vets at Concord Area Vet Emergency hospital in Concord, NH as they all worked to save little Kameko's life. A story filled with love and hope, for anyone who has a pet suffering from this illness this book is a must-read. Everyone who loves their pet will find a kindred spirit when they read this book.
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You can find out more about both titles on our Books page.

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Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green



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Living amongst farmlands, my house is surrounded by soybeans this year. It gave me the perfect image of what I imagine the top of the trees to look like. I "enjoyed the ride," but feel like the journey has not ended. The writer left me with lots of unanswered questions; the perfect set up for a sequel!!

Kathy T, Michigan


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